Friday, May 22, 2015

Social Media Tools

Tools for website and blogs


         Using buzz sumo you can find out what kind of posts have the highest number of shares and engagement in your competitor’s blog content. The domain name of the competitor needs to be typed, for access of this data.

     Zoho Sales IQ  for customer chats

         This is a website tracking platform that helps to interact with users in real time. This tracker can tell you how many times a person has visited your website, how many pages and how many time has the user landed on which page of your websites etc. 

Tools for Networking 

      This is a free extension on chrome that allows users to see the social sites of your email connections and also cross reference across other social sites. For eg: If you are friends on linkedIn it also shows your mutual connections on Facebook and Twitter.

      Chase’s Calendar of Events: 

      This calendar keeps a record of events birthdays, national days, anniversaries etc that allows you to identify relevant social media topics every day.


      This is a tool that allows the user to figure out who is visiting the website and what social media accounts they have and adds on the details. It also checks what information they are consuming. It easily integrates with almost any form on your site and most of the major email providers like MailChimp, A Weber and Constant Contact

Tools for Call to actions 

Is a URL shortener like Keeping the message short makes it readable and fits into twitter. 


      This is a tool that helps to make calls in action for a video. Usually when videos come as feeds on social media one might not be particularly interested to open and see it. They just scroll through it without knowing what content it has. Overvideo is used to make a graphic or visual or voice  cover on the video that you are using to outline what content the video has.This way the user knows whether the content is of value to him/her without having to open the video. 

Tools for scheduling action

 Hoot Suite

It helps you keep track and manage your many social network channels. It can enable you to monitor what people are saying about your brand and help you respond instantly. It supports social network integration for Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, MySpace, Word Press etc. 


  It schedules post for all of your social media channels. Also has very good insights on social media in its blogs. Personal Favorite.

Tools to develop graphics for social media

Pablo by buffer: 

  Its a tool by buffer that re frames each picture according to the optimal posting size for each social media site for eg : if you upload an image it will re size your image according to face book and twitter posting sizes. Also  can be used to make social media images within 30 seconds. For eg: Writing titles on images for twitter.

     Place it: 

  It is a tool that allows you to add your photo /video /any other content to the mock ipads, iphones , other tabloids etc. This can come in handy if for eg, if you are trying to post a screen shot of your blog or website or product in social media. You can upload your picture on place it for awesome mock up images which are very convenient.


  A great tool for info graphics recommended for beginners and allows you to create any custom made info graphics to suit your audience and information. It is a great designing tool for people who can’t edit every picture on photo shop.Personal Favorite.


  Is a tool that can be used to create images,graphics, pictures. It has a lot of size options you can choose from and pre made templates that make great images for social media. The good thing is that it also provides pre sized templates for specific type of social media, for eg: sizes for fb, twitter, pinterest, fb page cover etc. Also, a great tool for beginners.

How to adopt with the changing practices of Face book Marketing

     1. According to an article from Hoot suite that quotes face book’s official blog, people prefer stories of their friends and peers that they care about, rather than promotional content. Posts that push people to buy a certain product or push people to subscribe or take action without any content, and posts that repeat their previous ads are expected to be unused gradually.

2.   For small businesses that cannot afford heavy advertising, it is very important to make content that serves value to their audience. Only then will they be notice on face book, if at all.

 3. It is necessary to check the kind of engagement you get with each post after you try different variety of posts. For e.g. instead of writing Happy New Year, as content, you can make things more valuable by citing various trends in your customers’ area of interest that would be of good value on New Year.

4.    The focus on face book should not be selling, but engaging the audience by giving them relatable, relevant advice and guide and knowledgeable content.

5.   Responding to your audience by replying or appreciating them may be a good strategy. Also, it does good to empower employees to like and share posts regularly. 

6.  Carousel Ads: Face book now has the option of publishing multi image ad on the same block where traditionally was the place for an image, text and comments likes and shares. Each product has its own image, title and landing page.Its an excellent way to see which image gets the best response.
Title: 20 characters max
Link description: 30 characters max
Text on image: 20%
Image size: 600*600 on both desktop and laptop.

7.   Adding a featured video on face book: Below the cover page of your organization, is the section of videos where face book allows you to upload videos for the page. Once uploaded you can save the video as add feature video to have it featured in your cover page.

8.Creating a video playlist on face book: This can be done on the videos section of the fb cover page of your business. Once you create a playlist the video tab will show one section with all the playlist and one section with all the videos.