Tuesday, April 29, 2014

To the Supreme Court at my home : MOM

I remember wishing that I get to eat one plate full of Dahi for dessert. Not so unattainable. But I used to be the doctor's favorite, visiting him every two weeks for " throat congestion" and Mom had banned me from my favorite Dahi.

That was when I was 6 years old and nothing has changed since. My mom, constantly monitoring and guiding my dietary habits hasn't changed even when I have started working. Most people tell her to back down now, to let me have it my way, but she doesn't give in.Earlier it wasn't a happy picture for me, but today I know to listen to her when she has advice.

Now, that I feel a little grown up, I only wish that other people had someone like her in their life. A person who is constantly by your side, selflessly putting your needs above hers and sacrificing her luxuries so easily like she was giving away leftovers to beggars. You'd say many people have that. I disagree. Some of them aren't that fortunate enough. Taking time away to the movies, to short vacations or other comforts and leaving us behind,has never been my mom's style.

I don't know how much courage it requires to be there for your child, at the cost of personal relationships,social speculations and financial challenges..But however large the cost, my mom has stuck with me in all my sensible and whimsical decisions and made it seem like it was a cakewalk for her. Everything I am today, I owe it to her.

For all people who have taken moms as granted, like I have for a long time, maybe we all need to just stay alone for a while just to acknowledge what a gift we have. In my tradition, we give saguns and gifts to recognize the value of our moms on mothers day. I think loving them and letting them know that you re there for them too,everyday would be an even better gift.

Friday, April 25, 2014

What happy hearts say :)

Happiness grows when its shared. I was so happy today that I kept listening to my favorite song all day, ate my favorite food and had a wonderful time. Then I wondered, what do other people do when they are happy? Do they go out,stay home, party, chill out, or just sleep? Well, I went ahead to figure things out and here they are. I thought it would make a nice read,after all they are happy thoughts that cleanse your energy..So read on people!!


Aishwarya: She is a daredevil! She'll snatch money out of a conductor's hands.When she rides a scooty my heart is in my mouth, she rides as if she was racing.
When she's happy: hehehe lemme think, when I m happy, I make hearts around me smile too! Haha..ok when I am happy, I go shopping!:P

Nidhika: She is like most people,opting for one of the most practical things.. here is what she would do when she's happy: When I m happy, I like to meet a dear friend and talk about it over some coffee or some drinks..:)


Sudeep: He's a hardworking chap, with a sense of humor. Its good to be around when he 's around.When he's happy:First,I ll share the news with my freinds. Then I ll think about it all day, and it would make me happy all the time! 


Saurav: Who wouldn't enjoy a ride to your favorite going away place? When he's happy: When I m happy I feel like taking a trip on a bike to a distant place.

Snigdha: Most writers I ve met are dreamers, like to be lost on their own dream once in a while. She's no different.When she's happy: I start knitting beautiful stories in my head and live my fantasies. I also hum and dance to my favorite tunes with bliss when I m happy!

Jyotsana: She is one of a kind and She has unique moments that make you laugh until your stomach hurts. When she's happy: I jump and dance like crazy until my excitement is under control. Now, wouldnt that be worth a watch!! ;)

Avash: He will have answers and comments on the tip of his tongue. When he is happy: I feel like shouting, dancing, running here and there until I m tired! I d like to see him do that:)

Dibesh: Usually seems quiet when I m around, but you should look at his photography, they speak a lot! When he's happy: I get an energy which brings a lot of thoughts. I find joy in simple things like accomplishing tasks,pleasant conversations and capturing beautiful images.

Mamta: She is a shopaholic! I love the way she's gotten all wise and understanding but hasn't lost her innocence yet. When she's happy: I feel like singing and dancing and putting on loud music and I feel happy like the whole world is mine!
paul sir

Paul Sir: My school teacher who gave me a subject prize on computers:) He makes our school proud by bringing home quiz trophies. He is someone you ll talk about after you've left school, I m sure.:) When he's happy: When my team wins,I give a high five. When its other success and I m alone I say YES and pump my fist in the air. I also sing a few lines. That's new, I said.

Himanshu: Well, he 's a funny guy with amusing status updates! And he has a lot to say. When he's happy:  I feel happy when I hear that good music when I m alone, when I eat the most tasteful food my mum just made, when I see my girl each time I meet, when I see my dog wagging its tail.All the good things in my life makes me happy.

Preeti di

Preeti di: She is an artist and it looks like she loves to trek:) I have always found her inspiring, this is what she has to say. When she's happy: I feel happiness is a journey with ourselves that we find by doing what we truly love..Its when I have contributed somehow in someone's life to make a difference.

It felt great and amusing to know what these people do when they are happy. You too can try some of the things they do, they are pretty common but go ahead anyway maybe you'll feel even better. Just take in some of the good vibes people! Be happy!